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Enthuse Course

For XI to XII Moving Students

Enthuse Course

During this course, a student is thoroughly prepared in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology for Board Exams as well as for NEET & AIIMS. During the course period, entire theory is taught and regular tests are conducted on the pattern of Board, NEET & AIIMS.

Practice Part

  • Minor Test Series NEET Pattern - 6 Tests
  • Minor Test Series AIIMS Pattern - 6 Tests
  • Minor Test Series Board Pattern - 12 Tests
  • Model Test booklets NEET Pattern - 50 Tests
  • Model Test booklets AIIMS Pattern - 40 Tests
  • Major Test Series MIDAS TOUCH - 100 Tests

Course Schedule (Starting - 1st Week Of April/May/June/July)

  • Starting - 1st week of April/May
  • Date of finish - XI + XII Syllabus (Jan. 2019)
  • After full syllabus Completion - Revision, Board classes, Test and discussions
  • 6 Days per week - Regular classes
  • Daily doubt classes
  • Minimum four classes per day
  • Minimum six hour per day - Regular classes

Course Fee Details

Admission Process

  • Based on Btrix Entrance Cum Scholarship Test (BEST), or direct admissions, based on merit/interview.