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Nurture Course

For X to XI Moving Students

Nurture Course

This is our experience that, students who aspire for medicine as a career, start preparing for the same, from class XI, since almost fifty percent questions in various medical entrance exams, are asked from class XI syllabus, therefore, it becomes very essential to have a reasonable sound base of class XI. Start early, finish better.

Practice Part (Same For Both The Years)

  • Daily assignments of all four subjects
  • Minor Test Series NEET Pattern - 6 Tests
  • Minor Test Series AIIMS Pattern - 6 Tests
  • Minor Test Series Board Pattern - 12 Tests
  • Model Test booklets NEET Pattern - 50 Tests
  • Model Test booklets AIIMS Pattern - 40 Tests
  • Major Test Series MIDAS TOUCH - 100 Tests

Course Schedule (Starting -1st Week Of April/May/June/July)

  • Date of finish - XI Syllabus (Dec.)
  • After 11th syllabus Completion - Revision, Board Classes, Test & Discussions
  • Date of finish - XII Syllabus + Revision of XI syllabus (January 2020)
  • After full syllabus Completion - Revision, Board classes, Test and Discussions
  • 5 Days per week - Regular Classes
  • Daily Doubt Classes
  • Minimum four classes per day
  • Minimum six hour per day - Regular Classes

Course Fee Details

Admission Process

  • Based on Btrix Entrance Cum Scholarship Test (BEST), or direct admissions, based on merit/interview.